April 6, 2014
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Spring is just around the corner…

And so are some new electionbuddy features! (and we are nearing a million voters… more on that later)

Not that we have been hibernating over the winter!  We have been hard at work at upgrading some back end items so that we can focus on the front end and some user features.

But as always, if you have any ideas, please feel free to comment, and or email us.  We are always keen for feedback!

Happy Spring!

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April 1, 2014
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Quick Tips #11 – For Admins, if I am registering on behalf of a guest, how do I ensure that I do not enter an incorrect ID?

Who should learn this: Event Organizers & Assistants
Purpose: To prevent typos and the entering of registrations for IDs that are placed “On Hold”
How to: If you are logged in as an Admin and adding a registration on behalf of a guest, as you type in a Membership ID, Inviteright will make suggestions based on your ID list. Use the “pop up” suggestion and select the ID to save on typing. Also use the pop up to verify whether the ID has a Hold restriction placed on it. If the ID that you have entered does not match, you know that you are entering a new and unique ID. 

See the FAQ: 4.24. Membership List – How do I prevent Member ID typos or invalid registrations if I am registering on behalf of guests?


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March 25, 2014
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Quick Tips #10 – How do I export a report of all registrants that have to completed a purchase?

Who should learn this: Event Organizers & Assistants
Purpose: Report and follow up with those who have not completed a registration.
How to: Filter your membership list, and export your list using the Actions “Export to Excel”.

See the FAQ: 4.23. How do I export a report from the Membership list?



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February 7, 2014
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Brand new features in InviteRight 5.2

We’re beaming with excitement over the new features in InviteRight 5.2!!!
Here’s what’s new:

  • The Organizer Area Event List has been redesigned to make it easier to find your events
  • The Testing Sign Post has been redesigned to provide simple navigation and straightforward testing steps
  • The new Review Checklist will ensure that your event is perfect before you launch
  • Display conditions are now available to the confirmation page – meaning you can have specific text appear on the confirmation based on registration selections (read unique confirmation emails with registration specific schedules)
  • Foolproofing registration with error messages that highlight problem fields

The New Event List
Some of our InviteRight Users create and launch over 50 events a year (which is fantastic!) but like a neglected email inbox, can turn into a bit of an eye sore if you’re having to look at every single event in your account. So we’ve given Users the ability to filter by the status of events. Now you can look at all of your Draft events or all of your Live events with ease.

In our redesign we were also conscious of giving organizers a quick “snap shot” of the health of their events without making this screen cluttered. We decided we would present only the most important information – your Next Deadline and the number of Guests registered in each event.

The New Testing Sign Post
(Rant alert) Our old Testing Sign Post used to be a mess. Like a bag of Jelly-Bellys, there used to be a million coloured buttons pointing in every which direction and you would never know exactly which one to select. We spent tons of time boiling it down to the most important actions – you complete Testing on the form you’re creating, you send it to others to complete additional testing or you review the Test transactions that have been entered. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve paired the number of Test stage buttons to three!

(Humble brag alert) We’re running out of things to redesign now that our Testing Sign Post is sharpened up and looking smart and sleek.

The New Review Checklist
In Support we check and double check our events before we launch them to make sure that nothing is missed. So we figured that we’d share our tips with all of our event organizers directly in InviteRight, so that they can always launch perfect events. Now that’s not to say that if you miss one little thing that you can’t go back and change it after it’s Live. In fact, we wanted to put your mind at ease by letting you know exactly what the limitations are of our Live Edit feature. All of us will make sure that you don’t miss any important details.

Display Conditions on the Confirmation
Here’s a common scenario – you’d like your association to register for a weekend seminar and you’d like to provide special preparation instructions to each registrant based on which breakout session is selected. InviteRight 5.2 can now fully handle this scenario and send out a unique confirmation email to every single registrant. And with our powerful Display Conditions engine, the possibilities are endless!

Foolproofing Registrations
Ask anyone in the software business and they’ll tell you, people don’t read. I can confirm this because in Support, we get all sorts of phone calls for what you might think are silly and absurd. For example, if you prompt a user with an Error, “You cannot Proceed – please provide an email address”, you may still catch a Support phone call from a confused registrant wanting to know why they can’t see the next screen. But in reality, it’s not absurd at all! It’s incredibly to not notice a particular prompt on screen (I know I’ve been guilty of this even in an application like InviteRight where I spend most of my day). So the best way to avoid this is to guide the user. 

Just as we had done last year with the payment screen, our main registration is now foolproof. If you have not entered a required field, an error message (which you cannot accidentally close) appears and to proceed you must click the link prompting you to the fields that were missed (and they’re even highlighted to make things that much easier)



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January 29, 2014
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You asked ….we listened!

Last year we successfully provided ticketing and registration services for over 50 schools during “graduation season” for everything from banquet and commencement ticketing to photo scheduling and gown sizing. The feedback that we most most frequently received was the need for InviteRight SchoolTools to be able to process payments using Visa Debit cards. Although this relatively new type of card was only used by a small percentage of purchasers, we were very attentive to the frustration from students, parents and grad coordinators process payment through a different method. Similar to the feedback we received from schools asking us to be able to process Interac Online payments (which we implemented the following year), we listened and worked hard to find a solution.

We are very excited to announce that InviteRight SchoolTools is now able to process Visa Debit cards online. This feature has already been applied to our schools and comes at no additional charge. If you’re one of our fantastic customers, there’s nothing extra that you need to do to enable this processing.

THANK YOU! Your continued feedback helps us to improve InviteRight every year and we look forward to all the fantastic feedback that we’ll be receiving as we enter this year’s “Grad Season!”

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January 27, 2014
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We’re searching for Canada’s Best Grad Coordinator

There are some volunteers that are never put in the spotlight. Their names are never announced on the night of the big show. They don’t have an extravagant wrap up party. Some have been volunteering many years over and often times they work as a  committee of one.

In my years on the InviteRight SchoolTools project, I have personally worked with many of these volunteers and I do not hesitate to say that they are truly unsung heroes (and more often times unsung heroines). So it brings me tremendous satisfaction to know that this year, InviteRight SchoolTools is going to be giving recognition to these amazing volunteers and present a brand new award that crowns their work. The volunteers that I’m talking are the Graduation Coordinators of Canada.

InviteRight SchoolTools s is looking for Canada’s Best Grad Coordinator. Have your school nominate your stellar staff volunteers and a prize will be awarded to the best nominees. Bragging rights not included.

Please visit our nomination site HERE

The deadline for submission is May 31, 2014.

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January 27, 2014
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Quick Tips #9 – Why has a guest not received the confirmation email?

Who should learn this: Event Organizers & Assistants
Purpose: Make sure your guests receive their confirmation and arrive at the event
How to: Re-send the confirmation, determine if the email was originally sent or if it is being blocked by a firewall or spam filter.

To solve this issue see the FAQ: 8.12. Why has a guest not received a confirmation email?

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January 24, 2014
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See us in Winnipeg

Hi Winnipeg, we’re going to be seeing lots of you in February. Just one small favour to ask …promise us you’ll be unseasonably warm.

First off the team will be attending the Council of School Leaders Winter Conference Feb 13 – 14.
We’ve attended the conference for the past two years and it’s become a main stay event that we’re sure not to miss. The conference always has amazing speakers and a great energy from the principals and school leaders that attend. Plus they’ve got a mighty fine breakfast.

We’re particularly excited this year because InviteRight SchoolTools is responsible for both the Delegate and Conference registration. So for anyone attending the conference, please swing by our booth and tell us your experience with your registration.

Soon after COSL we’re continuing our free seminar series to help Graduation Coordinators with best practices, fundraising tips, and all the ways to cut down countless volunteer hours. The Winnipeg Grad Best Practices Seminar is hosted at J.H Bruns Collegiate, Friday Feb 28th and is a great way for you to network with colleagues, gain tips to lower stress and to top it all off, it’s a free lunch.

2014 Winnipeg Grad Best Practices Seminar at J.H Bruns Collegiate
Friday Feb 28th from noon to 3:30pm
Click here to RSVP for the Free seminar today!

For a preview of the seminar, please check out this audio clip from last year’s session!

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January 23, 2014
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Industry leader in Edmonton

eventIQ is proud to do business in Edmonton. The energy, pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit in Edmonton is simply electric. Take a (google streetview) walk about downtown and you’ll see it right away. Seems like every day there’s a new food truck to try or an amazing Pecha Kucha presentation to attend. So to be recognized as a leader a midst the stiff (albeit) friendly competition in Edmonton is truly meaningful to us.

We’re excited to be announced in Business in Edmonton Magazine as a leader in the events and convention industry. As they mention in the article, “[Edmonton] sees no shortage of conventions throughout the year. Whether your tastes are traditional with wine tastings and wedding expos, or you are a little more adventurous and look forward to Comic-con or para-normal conventions, you won’t be disappointed.” It goes without saying that “[t]here is almost always something happening in Edmonton, so you’ll never be bored.”

It’s a fantastic feeling for us to recognize that eventIQ can also be counted on as “what’s happening” in Edmonton.

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January 22, 2014
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Scholarship Announcements for 2014

In 2013 we received over 130 scholarship applications from all across Canada, awarded $1500 to three amazing high school Grads and realized one very important lesson… the future of Canada is looking bright with an amazing wave of future leaders!

We’re excited to announce the return of our three High School scholarships and look forward to all of the tremendous entries and stories this year.

Students interested in applying can visit:
2014 InviteRight SchoolTools Scholarship Application Form

Be sure to include the name of the supporting teacher (theatre teacher, athletic director, graduation coordinator). We also recommend an accompanying letter from the teacher. The winner and first runner up from each scholarship will be published in the SchoolTools newsletter June 12, 2014.

Here’s a summary of the three scholarships and the deadlines for each:

1. $500 Acting Out Grad – Theatre Arts Scholarship
Deadline – March 31, 2014
Show off your theatrics! Grade 12 students applying for this scholarship should describe how they express themselves through music, acting or working behind-the-scenes.

2. $500 Sweat Your Way to Grad – Athletics Scholarship
Deadline – April 30, 2014
For the student athlete who demonstrates school spirit throughout the year. Include special awards (MVP, team captain, league championship, class president etc.)

3. $500 Making Grad Great – Graduation Scholarship
Deadline – May 31, 2014
This scholarship goes to the student who best displays how they went the extra mile to make grad special at their school.
Submit links to videos, web pages or Facebook pages that highlight your contributions and show off all your great accomplishments.

For inspiration check out last year’s winners and runner-up. Best of luck and have an amazing graduating year!

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