August 1, 2011
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Feature Focus: 2010-2011 Recap Pt. 1

Maybe it’s because I’m only a few years removed from school, or that I let hockey season dictate my sense of time. but I can’t wrap my head around January being the start of a new year. If I ran the world, I would make September the dawn of the new year. You’re well rested from summer vacations, it starts to cool down outdoors, NHL training camp begins – it makes perfect sense! So going forward this motion, I’d like to do an ElectionBuddy Feature Focus recap of the past year, and a look of head of what’s in-store for 2011-12, now instead of December.

Here’s the first installment of the series:

Write-In Candidates

Sometimes you’ll want to allow your voters to submit their own candidate names, and ElectionBuddy makes it easy to tally and merge these write-ins.

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Pull Voter Information from Another Election

You can re-use a previous list of voters for a new election by simply pulling that email list from the old election and importing it into your new one.  This makes setting up new elections a snap when you typically poll the same group of people each time.  You can even integrate it with other contact management systems like HighRise, Batchbook, GMail, Campaign Monitor, and our EventIQ‘s very own ContactCentral.

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Editing Email Addresses Mid-Election

Based on feedback from our user community, it was very common for returning officers to accidentally misspell an email address when creating the eligible voter list.

To help with this, we improved ElectionBuddy error checking to make sure the email address is of valid form (eg. example@example.example).  We also gave returning officers the ability to edit email addresses after the election has been started.

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Campaign Monitor Integration

Way back in January (the official start of the new year), we added functionality to integrate Campaign Monitor in to ElectionBuddy. We have since added features that allows you to pull email addresses from a variety of sources, which I’ve already covered.

Click here to read the full article.

Next week we’ll focus on the rest of the 2010-2011 Feature Focuses. But, until then… Happy New Year Everyone!!!


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