May 5, 2013
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5 Ideas to Save Your Next Event

Working for eventIQ has given me the luxury of experiencing many different types of events and while every gala has similarities – tables, chairs, food – each one has something unique about it.

Even though I’ve managed to hang around here for two years now, I still haven’t experienced as many fundraising events David Kravinchuk who works with fundraisers to enhance their donor campaigns. Kravinchuk, who cut his fundraising teeth at the MS Society of Canada and now consults through Fundraising Pharmacy, recently spoke at a luncheon for the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Edmonton.

In his blog he gives five ideas to save your next fundraising event:

  1. Invite the right people.  Make sure you have a healthy mix of donors at your event. And they can be an excellent time to inspire loyal annual giving donors to increase their giving level or make a stretch gift.
  2. Make your mission the shining star.  Even if you have a ‘celebrity’ hosting or appearing your event, make sure that it’s your mission that is the biggest star.  Have the people your charity serves play key roles at the event by delivering a passionate speech, thanking people for coming at the door or handwriting personal welcome notes to use as place cards.
  3. Remind people why they are there.  Set a goal for the evening and let your attendees know. Give them updates throughout the night, thanking them often along the way.  Try cutting one speech for every fundraising milestone achieved.
  4. Show your work.  Get your event attendees excited by showing them the work you will accomplish with the funds raised that night.  Have the doctor who will be using it give a short presentation about what it will do and the impact it will have on an individual patient.
  5. Do something awesome.  This is the hard one, but you’re smart and creative.  One of my favourite ideas is a stroke of genius a former colleague of mine had while she was working for a big-city hospital foundation. She did a live auction of naming rights for hospital rooms at their gala dinner!

So, please give it another go.  It is possible to raise more money, control costs and create a brilliant and memorable event.

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