February 7, 2013
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E-learning — is it for you?

Thinking of going back to school to continue or upgrading your education? It’s a fine goal and the more education you get the higher salary you will command. The only question is how do you go about obtaining this education – in a brick and mortar campus or online?


Taking classes or your entire college education online isn’t new but it’s also not widely adopted either. Convenience is the top of the list for reasons why people choose anything these days and if you can work and get your education at the same time then e-learning has incredible value.

Online instruction knows no boundaries; students from all over the world can be linked together with the common goal of studying. And online chat rooms, email and other technology evens the playing field when it comes to collaborating on assignments.

Going online is also more cost effective for students — no more being gouged by greedy parking lot owners; kiss goodbye to lineups at the bookstore and overpriced sandwiches on campus.

The downside?


University is tough and sometimes you need a support system to help you through the times when you’re feeling overwhelmed. What happens when you don’t understand the material, are homesick or generally feeling lousy because you’re run down from trying to balance work/school/home?

You also have to be an exceptionally motivated person — online learning is great if you have a lot of drive because there’s no one around you to spurn you on. There’s no class to attend and even if you are working in a group you don’t see them – so no real consequence if you blow off an assignment.

Technology is wonderful and with the right person it can be a blessing in disguise. But for most university students, being cloaked in the campus atmosphere is just what they need.

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