February 25, 2013
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Feature Focus: Invitations

Simple is a good thing, right? We here at eventIQ like to think so and in our experience we’ve found that most people who organize events agree that a simple approach to things is best.

With InviteRight you can create your own invitation and forward it to your guests from your own email program. You may send as many invitations as you wish, however, there’s a limit on how many RSVPs you can receive based on the package you buy.

With InviteRight you can also:

  • Set up your events so guests can also forward the invitation
  • Print the invitation and send it to guests
  • Edit the invitation before sending to guests
  • Add an attachment – keep in mind this sometimes prevents emails from being opened due to spam filters

To read more about invitations and InviteRight, read our FAQ page. When you’re there check out the page about sending reminders — a really useful feature!

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