October 19, 2012
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Jasper Place students hard at work

Can’t believe we are only a little over a week away until our 2012 Grad Seminar at Jasper Place High School.

It seems not that long ago it was mid-summer. I was walking around in shorts and sandles, enjoying temperatures that allow for frying eggs on the sidewalk and running through sprinklers. Yet this Friday (Oct. 26) we will be gathered with teachers and administrators from the Edmonton region to discuss a range of topics to do with graduation and school activity planning.

Of course we will also be treated to a fine meal from the Jasper Place Culinary Program students. As you will see in the video below, these students are not only learning about the core subjects of science, math and history — they are learning how valuable skills in the kitchen — and how to make a mean grilled-cheese sandwich too (just kidding!).


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