Learning from ATLE 2012 Conference

Speech bubbleAlberta Technology Leader in Education is a conference that supports education through the convergence of learning, leadership and technology. Kelsea Rose Klassen, a student who is currently becoming a teacher shares her experience with last year’s conference and how informative the keynote speaker Drew Dudley was. What I couldn’t agree more is what she takes away from the conference.

“We have to take pride in our accomplishments, especially as future teachers, because we are role models and if we can not accept a compliment how are we supposed to teach others to.  We build trust with people in our lives by being kind and gracious and taking the time to appreciate others in kind.  Small reassurances and recognitions can have the largest impact on all facets of a person’s life and we must try to make people know that they matter on a daily basis.”

Klassen also visited several vendor booths at the conference and provides her opinion about them, including InviteRight.

“InviteRight has a great concept to eliminate inefficient paper usage for forms in schools.  Dave and Ryan (I forgot to write down their last names) were eager to talk about their product and had plenty of information right there as examples.  The company helps with organizing consent forms, school lunch orders, ticket purchases, and even school course registration.  They also keep track of the accounting associated with many of these forms to make it easier for secretaries and the like to use their simple program instead of a pile of envelopes with money and forms.  I would definitely use them in the future as I remember how difficult it was to schedule courses on paper for high school and wait for hours to fix it.”

You can read more about her experience at the conference on her blog here.

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