October 16, 2012
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Standing In Line Drives Me Crazy

When was the last time you stood in line? How do you control yourself when waiting? If you’re like me, you’re very impatient when it comes to standing in line…particularly those lengthy moving ones. You squirm, perspire and even curse under your breath. It’s remarkable how 5 minutes in a line can go by instantly while other times seems like forever. Here are a few aspects that make the wait seem a lot longer than it is.

  1. If you have nothing to preoccupy yourself with, the wait is enormously longer. Hotels try to cut this impression down in elevators by positioning mirrors inside so guests are diverted by their appearance.
  2. Anxiety is a factor of time. If you believe you’re in a slow line or you’re nervous about getting a seat at a restaurant, bus, airplane, etc., the delay seems lengthier.
  3. Undefined waits are longer than scheduled waits. If you are informed that the line will take 20 minutes, this will seem a lot quicker than not being told how long the wait will be.
  4. The better the service or product, the longer the wait. In most cases, people will stand in line longer to talk to a doctor than a sales clerk or even purchasing a cellphone than chips.

We hate lines. We hate standing in them. We even loathe the fellow liners ahead of us, even though they are blameless. The easiest way to avoid line-ups is to not have any at all! If you’re setting up an event that will possibly have some sort of line, attempt to make the guest experience as painless as possible. Try to set up your events online and avoid those horrendous lineups or for school related events.

Need any line-up tips? Read Ken’s blog about line-up tips he discovered from the Magic Kingdom.


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