January 30, 2013
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We’ve got just the ticket!

Printable tickets for your special event is one of the most innovative new InviteRight features to date. What is so great about this feature, is that your guests can print their ticket from home or bring their event ticket using their smartphone.

And while some schools might have preferred to go ticketless for their convocation ceremonies or grad banquet in the past,┬áthere are several advantages to using InviteRight’s printed tickets. First, printing out those customizable tickets means having added security, because graduands and guests must hold a valid ticket to be allowed in to the event. Also, each ticket can be customized with your logo for a personal touch and a simple way of identifying a valid ticket. Each ticket also includes a QR Code which acts as a super efficient, cost-effective way to verify and update your attendance list.

For more on printable tickets, read our FAQ. And if you have questions on how our printed tickets work, you can read all about it here.


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